Founded in 2011, John consulting has earned a reputation as a trusted advisor in the iMIS Community. Since then we have grown into an agency with a diverse team of experts. Meet our leaders.

Joe John

Joseph John

CEO and Developer

Joe is one of the premier Technical Consultants and Developers in the iMIS Community with over 17 years of experience. He has earned and maintains ASI certifications for Certified iMIS Extension Developer and Certified iMIS Professional.

Joe graduated in 2001 with honors from Salisbury University with degrees in Management Information Systems, Accounting and Computer Science. After a tax season as a NFP tax accountant, Joe transitioned to iMIS Technical Consulting and Custom software development in June 2002. For the next decade, he worked as an external consultant, trainer and software developer for ASI consulting and two other established AiSPs in the community. Never turning away any project/challenge, Joe enjoyed very high project success rates with very high-profile clients prior to launching John Consulting in December 2011.

As CEO of John Consulting, Joe focuses on maximum customer value by offering expert services at low overhead model pricing.

Jenna Campbell

Jenna Campbell

Senior Consultant

Jenna is an experienced Senior iMIS Consultant with a background in education and social science. She earned ASI's Data Management Certification and has consistently delivered expert consulting services since August 2016.

Jenna graduated in 2009 with honors from West Chester University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in Anthropology. She obtained her teaching certification in Secondary Education Social Studies and Earth and Space Science through a graduate program at Immaculata University in 2011. Jenna went on to teach in the classroom before becoming a therapeutic support provider.

In August 2016, Jenna began with John Consulting as an iMIS Consultant and has enjoyed much success. Today, her expertise includes extensive iMIS product knowledge, iMIS training, RiSE staff site & public website management, SSRS reports, and much more. In June 2019, Jenna earned the iMIS 2017 Data Management Certification and was promoted to Senior Consultant in October 2019.

As a Senior Consultant, Jenna focuses on delivering product based iMIS solutions.

John Consulting works diligently to deliver iMIS related product to us and they have an encompassing knowledge of iMIS and how it can be configured and properly enhanced to meet our needs. Joe and his team are knowledgeable, personable, and very responsive. MORE FROM OUR CLIENTS