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We extend iMIS with supported APIs to meet all your needs.

Custom Software Development & iMIS Technical Support

Custom Software Development

Even with a top-rated enterprise system like iMIS, there are often specific requirements unique to your business or industry that require a tailored solution. Work with a senior technical consultant to hammer out your specific requirements. Once you fully endorse the designs, a senior developer will implement your solution using only supported APIs including: cloud-friendly applications, iMIS SOA, iBO.NET, iMIS Query Service, iMIS Membership service or Restful API. When all is said and done, you will have exactly what you need integrated into the iMIS/RiSE platform using fully supported and easily upgradeable utilities. Contact us to learn more about our custom software development capabilities.

RiSE Implementation

Are you an existing iMIS customer and you want to get the most out of the RiSE Web Content Manager software suite? Let us show you how to leverage this great package to its fullest extent! Take advantage of new features in your iMIS website including responsive design templates, extensive membership capabilities, event registrations, product sales, social network communities, donation campaigns, data-driven directories and much more! We will not only implement your RiSE website solutions but we will show your staff how to use the features.  Contact us to learn how we can help you implement a new RiSE website.

iMIS System Upgrade

Planning and implementing your iMIS and RiSE systems upgrade can go smoothly if you work with the right team. Work directly with seasoned experts who have been successfully upgrading iMIS systems since 2002. John Consulting will help you choose your upgrade strategy to minimize system downtime and risk. If you have a RiSE website, we know exactly how to migrate your resources so all of your images, documents, system enhancements and third party website integrations are properly set up and tested prior to going live.   Contact us to see how we can make it easy to get access to the latest technology and let us help show you how to use it.

3rd Party Software Integration

We understand many organizations utilize other software packages for things like learning management and social networking. We can set up your systems so iMIS data is easily and securely integrated with these third party solutions. We have the knowledge and experience essential to integrating iMIS with CE-City, Coursemill, Disqus and JitBit.   Contact us about 3rd party software integration with iMIS.

Database Administration

Your iMIS system comes with a plethora of great features, however, it is a complex system that requires skill and expertise to properly manage. Our services help you get the most out of iMIS while keeping it performing optimally. These are some of the database administration services we provide: Training on the usage the native diagnostic utilities, Creating periodic processes to re-organize, Rebuilding indexes for optimal performance, Forming new custom business objects that are specific to your organization Planning for backup and maintenance plans and custom SQL scripting.   Contact us about database administration

iMIS Systems Implementation

Interested in iMIS 200 or 300?An iMIS upgrade is the best solution in the association and donor marketplace.

Feel free to contact us to see how iMIS can become your enterprise and engagement management solution. We will safely and accurately bring your data over to your new iMIS system.Let us help you use iMIS and all its great features including desktop, iMIS Staff web portals, customer facing web sites and the hundreds of native features that will maximize your membership and donor capabilities and experience.   Contact us to get more information on how we can help you achieve your goals for less then the competition.

Industry Insights

Industry Insights

Get the latest in updates, changes and enhancements to iMIS and related products.