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We extend iMIS with supported APIs to meet all your needs.

Custom Software Development & iMIS Technical Support

Custom Software Development

Even with a top-rated enterprise system like iMIS, there are often specific requirements unique to your business or industry that require a tailored solution. We are available to help you implement your solution enhancement using supported APIs for your cloud or self-hosted solution. John Consulting is a Certified iMIS Extension Solution Provider. Contact us to learn more about our Custom Software Solution Services.

iMIS System Upgrade

Planning and implementing your iMIS and RiSE systems upgrade can go smoothly if you work with the right team. Work directly with seasoned experts who have been successfully upgrading iMIS systems since 2002. John Consulting is experienced in migrating iMIS customers to the cloud. If you have a RiSE website, we can migrate your template and other website resources to the latest supported version.   Contact us to see how we can make it easy to get access to the latest iMIS technology.

Database Administration

Your iMIS system comes with a plethora of great features, however, it is a complex system that requires skill and expertise to properly manage. Our services help you get the most out of iMIS while keeping it performing optimally. Database administration services we provide include: Systems Administraion Training, Advanced Business Object creation, Content Workflow implementation and Security setup and maintenance. Contact us about iMIS database administration.

RiSE Implementation

Are licensed for iMIS RiSE website building software but not using it or not using it to its fullest potential? Take advantage of new features in your iMIS website including responsive design templates, extensive membership capabilities, event registrations, product sales, social network communities, donation campaigns, data-driven directories and much more! Our technical consultants will help you understand and implement all of the latest features in your iMIS RiSE website building tools.  Contact us to learn how we can help you maximize your RiSE website building system.

3rd Party Software Integration

We understand many organizations utilize 3rd party software packages for things like learning management and social networking. We can set up your systems so iMIS data is easily and securely integrated with these third party solutions using the latest supported iMIS APIs.   Contact us about 3rd party software integration with iMIS.

iMIS Systems Implementation

Are you interested in implementing a new iMIS System? Please contact us for a free consultation to see how iMIS can become the most effective enterprise and engagement management solution. Contact us to get more information on how we can help you achieve your goals with the industry leading software solution.

Industry Insights

Industry Insights

Get the latest in updates, changes and enhancements to iMIS and related products.